Web Design


Mobile Responsive and SEO Friendly Web Design

Website design services are really important when it comes to positioning and increase your sales; it’s the base of any SEO campaign and determines how search engines rank your business.

But, though we all understand that, the reasons why the design is so significative for this are a bit blurry. The truth is that Web design consists of planning carefully every aspect of a website so it works properly and meets the engines’ standards.

For a website to be really optimized, it needs to function harmoniously in looks, feels, and uses. For this reason, a good web design includes the aesthetics parts like color, font, layout, and the general consistency of the site. Also, how the information is displayed, how the user will navigate the site and if that’s easily integrated to the mentioned aesthetic factors. All these encompasses the true essence of web design which is what we aspire to deliver for your unique business.


Expert Web Designers or DIY?

It’s probable that you find tons of templates online that promise a DIY website that will work as well as one made by a professional and for a lot less. This might be true to a certain point if you at least know something about web design and development. But it will always be way too much limited and if you don’t know about those disciplines, this method will simply NOT WORK.

We know that this sound tricky coming from a marketing agency but, let us explain why professional web design is so important for your website to be really profitable and optimized.

Professional web design services like ours, offer you a customized and adapted design that meets all the needs and details of your unique business. On the other hand, those templates are simply that, templates, so everybody can use them and they are generic, not customized; this way you’ll end up with a website that looks and feels like several others and not necessarily will be the fittest for your kind of business.

Website design generates the first impression any visitor will get when entering your pages. It’s known that poorly designed, outdated or boring sites register a huge rate of abandoning within seconds.

Our professional web designers will deliver an incredible design that is easy to navigate and will catch the eye of any visitor, encouraging them to keep navigating through your website, instead of leaving right away. With really readable content, excellent visual selection and easy navigation, we promise your website to be efficient and understandable, resulting in better conversion rates.

Web Design and Web Development; Dedicated Professionals

Web Design and Development

Several agencies offer web design services that are integrated with website development and content creation and management as if were all the same thing or a single discipline. But the truth is that while designers make the plans, create the images, order, select the colors and fonts, etc. It’s the web developer who actually makes them work online. So it’s clear that they’re two different jobs.

The same happens with content; creating the content your users will read and managing how to post it, where to post it, etc. are also two separated disciplines, even though the management systems are also created by the developers. This leaves us with three different jobs.

In this sense, how could a single service cover all those factors and still be the best, most customized, and better working on each one? NO WAY! We offer you dedicated specialists that will put all their knowledge, efforts and attention into getting the best results for every aspect of your site.


Content Creation and Management

As we mentioned before, Web design is just one of the three pillars of a well-constructed website; this design is applied by developers resulting in the skeleton of the website. But they also need content to fill that skeleton and attract users to your products or services.

This is what we know as content creation and content management. Once your website looks good enough for users to stay, this content is what they will put their attention into. If the content is not readable, boring or just too much text, users will also abandon.

Any SEO expert knows that search engines look for valuable content in websites, so this is exactly what content creation is about. What your possible customers read on your site must be relevant, valuable and consistent information regarding what you have to offer to them.

This seems simple but creating good content implies knowing your audience, studying keywords, being familiar with social media trends and a good use of language. Once this content is created by a professional content creator, then the developer creates the management system to put the content to work, just as he does with the design.

Once the management system is created and the content available, you’ll receive full access and control of all the aspects of your website; documents, design, content publishing, etc.

Why Are Content Creators and Content Management Systems Needed?

Content Creators and Content Management Systems

When it comes to ranking, trust, communication and user experience, content is a key factor that can increase dramatically your conversion or crumble it to the ground if poorly done.

Engines know that people want to get right to the answer when making a search and that’s the kind of content they position. Also, users will trust your business if you’re not trying to distract them from buying but actually giving them valuable info. But that’s not as easy as it sounds as you need to take into consideration all the factors mentioned in the previous section. Our professional content creators will deliver exactly what YOUR Company needs to attract clients and position on engines.

On the other hand, when all this content is implemented into your website by the developer, it’s probable that you would need extensive coding knowledge if you want to edit something. That’s why you need a content management system, because it allows you to do small but really important changes on your site without the need of that coding knowledge; things such as adding products or removing them, posting on your blog, etc. can be easily performed by you thanks to our content management systems.