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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important services any company requires nowadays. This is because the Internet has got too much importance for marketing and business access. In this “new” kind of advertising the user is the main character as search engines aspire to position those websites that really offer useful information for users.

This way, Search Engine Optimization combines a series of strategies for building your company website in a way that it’s directed to people and not only to search engines. Our services provide results in a fast way, improving your traffic and therefore improving your sales. Next, we explain a bit more the importance of SEO.

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Why is SEO important?

As we mentioned at the beginning, search engines these days make it all about the user experience. So, they make sure the sites they rank in their first position really are helpful for the consumer. They do this by crawling all websites available on the internet and compiling a database of the information those sites offer.

Once they crawl a site, according to its relevance, they rank and position it according to the keywords. In this matter, when a user makes a search, the search engines then use that database of crawled websites to find the ones that are more useful for that search.

Google and other relevant search engines like Yahoo or Bing use algorithms to make sure they select the best and more relevant websites and then deliver to the user a SERP (search engine results page) with the sites ranked and positions by relevance.

This sites that are ranked in the top first positions are the ones that receive more clicks and therefore more possible clients. Because let’s face it, it’s really odd that users click on results from Google’s second page. In this matter, you need SEO to determine if your website is designed well enough to fit search engines’ requirements and be positioned. Here is where our team can help you.

But let’s inquire a bit more about the benefits SEO will bring to your company.

Benefits of SEO Services for your website

SEO services

More traffic to your website

Though social media is very important these days, search engines still deliver 65% of the traffic to most websites, so, using them combined is really the key to raise your website’s traffic. Social networks can also be optimized for delivering outstanding results.

Puts your site where the buyers are

We all search on Google a product or service we’re looking for before actually purchasing it. If you’re ranked with good SEO and good Keywords, you’ll always be in the results and therefore where the buyers for your business are.

SEO delivers better leads

When people stumble into your website or business by chance or via traditional media (such as tv, radio, etc) they might or not be interested in what you have to offer. But this means that the efforts and resources you’re driving into that marketing are only profitable in a very low percentage (1.7% to be clear).

On the other hand, when a user finds your business because they’re searching for exactly what you offer, they’re more likely to actually purchase, subscribe or buy the services you’re offering. This possible clients or “leads” are more likely to convert into real profit when they find you on search engines (14.5% to be exact). This means that SEO investments are 900% more likely to bring profit than regular marketing. Just do the math.

SEO is expanding

The use of mobile devices for searching online is increasing very fast; almost everyone these days own a smartphone and uses internet on it.

Of course, mobile responsive websites are also an SEO service we offer and that will double the opportunities for attracting traffic, leads and convert them into revenue.

SEO position is better than paid traffic

Being in the top first pages of a trusted engine like Google, is like being famous. This is because those big companies have a trusted reputation and them backing you and positioning you on top, means you’re also trustworthy. The benefits of this are seen in comparison with paid traffic.

Paid traffic automatically positions you on top, but people know that you’re paying for it so you may or may not be as useful as a website that has sweated its way to the top. So, which would you choose in most cases? The one that may or not be helpful or the one you know for sure will be? The answer is obvious. So, that’s exactly what revenue reflects; organic positioning drives up to 70% of traffic while paid positioning only drives up to 15%.

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How Our Team Can Help You Improve Your SEO

We listen to you

Your needs and the characteristics of your business are vital for creating a good SEO strategy. It doesn’t matter the size of your company, we’ll listen and work together with you to determine what to do with your site and gain general clarity about how to proceed.

Your SEO plan is unique

According to the result of that first meeting and your needs, we design an SEO plan customized to your company. This way you’ll take the max of your resources and take advantage of the uniqueness of your business.

We work with tested tools

The tools we’ll use for launching your SEO campaign have been already tested and worked in several other companies. Just try us on!

Constant work

We are not those SEO agencies that do the work and then abandon you; we’ll constantly improve your rankings and traffic by periodically twitching, adjusting and improving your website, content, structures, links, and general SEO details.

Your website is protected

Google and other search engines, constantly change algorithms to make SERPs more useful for users. Our company updates your Search Engine Optimization plan to those changes so your website will be never left behind or drop positions.

By working this way, we assure the maximum benefit out of your resources and a business that will grow and improve in a way it has never done before. CONTACT US! And find out what it takes for you to get into REAL business!