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Even though the strongest traffic comes from organic searches, leaving aside PPC would definitely be a mistake. This is because Pay Per Click campaigns and the implementation of Google Adwords work in a very different way, and can help your conversion by targeting most specific and effective audience.

But if you think that you don’t need PPC and Adwords advertising if you have good SEO, better know that this is a mistake; unless you don’t care about getting the most benefit of your marketing campaign, you need to integrate both strategies. Let’s take a deeper look at this fact.


How Our PPC Management and Adwords Management Work?

One of the most important things you need for advertising your business is having a goal. That goal can be anything such as driving more traffic, increasing sales, getting users subscripted to your site, creating a mail list, etc. When you have a clear goal, you can design any strategy or campaign a drives all your efforts and resources effectively into accomplishing that objective.

That’s exactly what our PPC and Adwords management team will do for your business. Instead of spending valuable resources and money into useless clicks that will never convert, we’ll make it up so your investment is driven into what you actually care about.

For doing this, we use an extensive study of keywords, which are those specific words that you want your business to be known for. But keywords are tricky as they can work erratically if you don’t use them right; some of them are simply too general and won’t lead traffic to your website because there’re simply too many websites using it. Also, if too big companies such as Microsoft or Twitter are using those keywords, chances are that you won’t also get into the first SERP or even worst, you’ll have to spend a fortune to get to it.

Our agency works, then, with a “niche” of keywords that are specifically useful for your company and can bring you leads and relevant traffic to your website for the lowest cost possible. This keyword selection is a process that starts with the creation of unique keywords lists. These lists would include:

Search terms
Long tail keywords (they’re phrases instead of solely words)
Plural and singular.

Besides all these positive keywords, we also offer the “negative keywords” service, which means that we’ll create a list of keywords that you don’t want your business to be related to, so they don’t appear in any content, tag, headline or image of your website.

Launching the PPC and Adwords advertising campaign

Google Adwords Management

After the keywords selection is done then we create an effective campaign towards your keywords. Every ad we script is directed to every individual group of keywords, so you’ll get a particular ad for every kind of audience and product/service, and each user will get the one that most likely drives them to concrete the wanted action.

In this sense, we implement the use of landing pages for launching the campaign. A landing page is like a welcome card that every user gets when entering your site for the first time. The trick is that every landing page includes a different ad, and the user will fall into the right landing page, according to their profile and the keywords that they’re actually typing on the search bars.

This way, the campaign will offer the most revenue possible as the user experience becomes better and the solutions the user is looking for are right at their hand. After the AdWords campaign is launched, we continuously track the behavior of the ads and landing pages, to check the click-thru and the conversion rate. If there’s anything wrong, we’ll make sure to make the needed tweaks for it to improve its performance.


Why Using Landing Pages?

Messages are clear and focus highlighting and strengthening your page’s main focus.
Conversion rates can increase immediately up to 25%
It’s the perfect complement to your organic traffic.
The action is clear and the message goes straight to the point, that’s what a lot of users are looking for now in their busy lives.
Reduces bounce rate.
You can step a bit from the structural limitations of your website.

What Else Makes Adwords So Important For Website Advertising?

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If there’s something sadder than losing a possible client, is not having the opportunity to get them back. Luckily, with AdWords, this possibility DOES exist.

REMARKETING visitors is a feature on this advertising service that takes advantage of the users that have already visited your site, even if they never concreted an action. By taking advantage, we mean that the AdWords service will show ads to these users all across the web to try to take them back.

For doing this, we implement strategies such as running special offers for those ones that come back and complete the action (i.e: subscribe to your mail list). This way you can also reach new customers that are related to those ones that are being remarketed.

This is one of the most cost-effective ways to achieve conversion as, if a user has already visited your site, it’s very probable that he has an interest or a need that you can cover. We’ll find out which one it is and will send right away the perfect and so that user will come back running and complete the action.

Our experts are highly trained in developing re-engaging campaigns that could even make a previously lost visitor into a regular client. What are you waiting for to complement your SEO profits and take the most out of your resources and your website? CONTACT US!